Trending Hits of 2020 – Australia

Are you looking for makeup news around Australia to follow the recent influencers, recipes or just to know what it is going on in the beauty sphere?


Color Patterns with brushes

Today we are sharing with you different websites to stay tuned! This website is a general one full of articles around lifestyle. It is a very furnished blog very attractive and easy to read. You will find a tab for beauty but it also talks about fashion, health, and wellness. Yes, beauty is mostly linked to other topics and if you are interested in the beauty you probably like fashion and wellness too! The website gives news of the world but also more specified about Australia. You are able to find celebrities’ routines or new concepts and ideas. On this website, you have many pieces of information only related to Australia. It is very updated. For example, if you struggle with acne or skin that is not easy to treat or clean you would find a couple of articles from girls who have found magic solutions! And it works.

So, what are the Australian beauty changes up to?

Have a look at that article.

Hydrafacial treatment is very trendy according to this news and it had helped several people to fight against their skin issues. Australia is providing a big budget on it and gives more than 2 million of treatments annually which is more than the Botox injections in the USA! This process helps definitely to hydrate the skin and repair it. All the nasties are removed from the face. the famous magazine Vogue!

The vegan way is the new way for the world and specifically in Australia. The new generation is now watching for it and wants to include it every way: food, fashion, beauty.

If you are not aware of some brands you might be happy to read this article specialized for vegan makeup brands in Australia:


If you are located in Sydney and you are keen on the news coming from this city only, there is a website for you! : The Sydney Morning Herald. A few days ago, for instance, an article was just published to guide you in your choice of cosmetics. a list of all ingredients and explanations for your type of skin is provided to you to clarify what products would be best for your skin to protect against irritations. Instylemag. On the main page, you will find an article talking about the new trends for makeup in 2020. If you are looking for party makeup or colors more like blue, black, silver, etc. you can find a lot of ideas in there. 10thstorynails on Instagram have posted a picture of nails with constellations manicure style and it is very creative!


On @missjobaker you will see a futuristic winged eyeliner that you probably never seen before and very interesting. On @geminiblush, midnight hues, color your eyelids in dark blue with some stars. Eventually have a look at this awesome galactic skin created with glitters on the face by @nikki_makeup.



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