DIY Cleansing Oil

Natural Facial cleansing oil:

Do you know one of the best ways to remove your makeup or clean your face can be done at your home just with the help of natural oil like Olive oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Sunflower oil, and much other oil? This might seem very surprising because some of you might think how can oil remove the makeup or dirt from your face and  Sometimes some of the people might also think they already have oily skin and the addition of cleansing oil might dissolve in pours make their face oilier, but this is wrong.

The use of synthetic chemicals may be easier and faster for cleansing face, but this will keep your skin dry and get cracked in the long term. The researcher has found that around 60% of the product that you apply to your skin is absorbed by our skin that might reach our bloodstream. Here is one of the DIY methods to make oil cleansing.


  • Olive or Sunflower oil
  • castor or hazelnuts oil
  • Hot water
  • Clean and Soft cloth


Recipe :

For oily skin:

  • 1 /3 portion of castor oil or hazelnuts oil
  • 2/3 portion portions of olive or Sunflower oil

For Dry Skin:

  • The whole amount of olive or sunflower oil
  • A pint of caster or hazelnuts oil

How to apply in your face?


Note: you do not need to pre-wash or wet your skin

  • Use that cleansing oil to massage your face for about two minutes.
  • Take a soft and clean cloth and dip it into very hot water and wring it.
  • Apply it in your face to sit and steam for a minute
  • Give your face soft wipe with a dry cloth until a layer of oil is left and soak in your skin.